Tickets - Phantoms of Pilsen (20.-22. 10. 2016)

Info and tickets

Warm-up Party (It's not included in the festival ticket price!)

Divadlo Pod lampou, Havířská 11, 301 00 Plzeň, Czech Republic

Red Raven Phantoms of Pilsen vol.10

The concert hall of the Pod Kopcem pub, Božkovské náměstí 18, 326 00 Pilsen, Czech Republic.



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Warm-Up party discount

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PoP Vol.10 - limited edition (50 pieces)

32 EUR



PoP Vol.10 - two-day ticket

39 EUR


bank transfer
Ticket-Art network
Gehenna666 (AUSTRIA ONLY!)

PoP Vol.10 - two-day ticket (at the door)

45 EUR


at the door

PoP Vol.10 - one-day ticket

24 EUR


Ticket-Art - Friday
Ticket-Art - Saturday
at the door

Warm-Up party

12 EUR


at the door



a) PAY PAL: Use the Pay Pal button below to choose the number of tickets, place your order (Pay Pal account is not necessary for this transaction – credit/debit card acceptable! - Learn HOWTO here). Pay Pal fee + shipping outside the Czech Republic is 6,99 EUR.

b) Bank transfer: Send your order to We will contact you back with the payment details (our bank account details). Do not forget to include your postal address. We will ship the tickets as soon as we see the payment on our account (basically 2-3 days after you set the payment). Bank transfer fee + shipping outside the Czech Republic is 4,5 EUR.

c) Ticket-Art network: Tickets can be purchased throught Ticket-Art network here.

d) Pre-sale: Tickets are also available at Music Records shops in Pilsen. Addresses are Dominikánská street and Kollarova street.

e) Gehenna666 (Austria): Visitors from AUSTRIA can get their tickets for local shipping from Northern Lights Festival at: You can also contact them on Facebook here.