Pilsen and its vicinity - Phantoms of Pilsen (20.-22. 10. 2016)

Pilsen and its vicinity

Catacombs at Klatovy

catacombs catacombs

The town of Klatovy is situated 40km southern from Pilsen and we would like to recommend you a short visit of this town, because you can find here very interesting catacombs which hide corpses of more than 40 Jesuit monks. Between the year 1676 and 1738 more than 200 bodies was laid to rest in sophisticatedly built catacombs. In the oaken coffins, lying on wood shavings garnished with hops and due to the effects of sophisticated ventilation, the bodies were mummificated so nowadays the weight of the bodies is between 8 and 10 kilograms. The ventilation that goes up to the roof of the church ensured still temperature and humidity. For long years the bodies stayed almost untouched.

More information about the catacombs can be found on the website (including opening hours and entrance fees).

Webepage: http://katakomby.cz/klatovycatacombs/touristinfo

Central Cemetery

cemetery cemetery cemetery cemetery

Some of you might be of those who enjoy visiting cemeteries. The truth is that we´ve got pretty nice central cemetery here in Pilsen, which is definitely worth visiting. The cemetery has been founded in 1902 and i tis located on the western border of the city. Except a location full of huge trees you may find some important persons resting here, who were connected to the city history (for example the creator of famous puppets Spejbl and Hurvínek – Josef Skupa).

So if you wish to enjoy a while of peace and silence before you head for the festival, take a trip by troleybus number 11 from the city centre and reach the final station called Ústřední hřbitov (Central cemetery). Then you just follow the way under the main road and you are in the different world. There are few other interesting cemeteries in Pilsen, which we will introduce you in the other entries of this section.





Saint Peter and Pavel's rotunda - Starý Plzenec

Rotunda Rotunda

I short trip outside of Pilsen can be done by the city bus number 51 from the city district called Slovany. The destination is a village called Starý Plzenec, where old Roman rotunda is situated. Getting out of the bus on the square and following the road down from the slope, you will see the old building at the top of a small hill. From a pub called Lidový dům you will choose a steep way up to the rotunda. The building is the oldest preserved construction of that kind in the Czech Republic, it comes from the 10th century and during the centuries if was several times almost destroyed (it served as a municipal storage for gun powder at the beginning of 19th century). From the slope you can observe the Radyně castle on the opposite hill (more about Radyně can be found below).

At the time of Phantoms of Pilsen festival, the building is not accessible for public, but the sight is nice reward anyway. On the way back you can make a stop in the pub Lidový dům, just beneath the slope and taste a great beer from a small private brewery called Radouš. Pity the pub is on Saturdays open from 16:00, so it's more for those who don't need to catch the beginning of Saturday's program at the venue of Phantoms of Pilsen.

More informations here (only in Czech, sorry...): www.staryplzenec.cz
Schedule to Starý Plzenec: bus no.51
Radouš brewery (again only in Czech, sorry...): pivovar.stahlavy.com

Crosscafe Sky

Crosscafe building View of the city

Choosing the same way from the Square of Republic as if you walked to the brewery, you will meet also one of the highest building in Pilsen. It's an office building, but at the top of it, you can find Crosscafé, where you can get the finest coffee and experience a beautiful view of the city center. You can take a lift up to the 16th floor and on the way down choose stairs. In each floor you can then observe a different picture of Pilsen in different times of the year and different daytimes. It's nice.

The building can be found at the address: Anglické nábřeží 1, Plzeň. There is a tram stop for trams number 1 and 2 in front of the building.

Homepage: http://www.crosscafe.cz/kavarny-plzen.htm
Map: http://www.crosscafe.cz/crosscafe-sky-c10.htm?layout=clear


Pilsen Radyně

With a fact in mind, that Phantoms of Pilsen is two days feastival, it wouldn't be bad idea to give you some tips about nice places to visit, in Pilsen and its surroundings. Let's start with most characteristic tip - symbol and prominent landmark of Pilsen area as well - Radyně. It's not really far from Božkov. Suffice to move by bus of public transport to Starý Plzenec and climb by forest path, right to the castle. In good weather condition, it's able to see whole Pilsen, Starý Plzenec with Hůrka and st.Peter and Pavel's rotunda, hunting lodge of Kozel or in really good weather condition Svatobor and distant ridges of Šumava and Česky les. We also recommend you to climb (very carrefully!) on rock, placed circa 100 meters below castle, in direction to Starý Plzenec. View to the castle is really amazing from that point.

Informations about entrance fee and openning hours are available at homepage of Starý Plzenec:
http://www.staryplzenec.cz/kultura-a-pamatky/hrad-radyne/?more=145#ka145 Translated by Google

Microregion Radyně: http://www.mikro-radyne.cz Translated by Google
Castle's history: http://hrady.dejiny.cz/radyne/ Translated by Google


When visiting Phantoms of Pilsen you definitely should not miss at least a short visit to the city center. First of all, you can find some of the most picturesque parts of Pilsen and second there is really many places where you can have a good and real Pilsner. Let's start on the Republic Square. Beer stand placed directly on the open space of the square might not be in use in autumn days, but directly from the square you can take a short walk around other exclusive places. If you choose the middle way down from the square (street “Dřevěná”) at the end of the street you will be passing the restaurant at Mansfeld. The bar tenders are occasionally slightly annoyed, but they have a good beer here. Then follow the way through the park and cross the road directly above the mill race. Currently, there is a nice artificial pond with a park adjacent to the restaurant Steak House. You can cross the central bridge and already have in sight Pilsner restaurant “Na Parkánu” and it is definitely worth visiting. Unfiltered Pilsner available only and only here and despite the higher price definitely worth trying, plus you are still in the pleasant surroundings of the old town. If you return back over the artificial lake and turn left, you can go the way of football fans directly to the stadium of Viktoria Plzeň. Walk through the tunnel under the main road and around the stadium to turn back to the footbridge over Radbuza river. The footbridge takes you to the roof of a building of Pilsner Urquell brewery and suddenly you appear directly in the brewery courtyard outside the pub “Na Spilce”. In summer months there is a beer garden. Once you taste here, you can go through brewery gate, known from each bottle of Pilsner Urquell to pass a footbridge across the busy main road (street “U Prazdroje”) to the hotel Angelo and from there it's a short walk to a stop of trolleybus No. 12 stopping in front of the Tesco shopping center (opposite side of the road). And this trolley will take you back to the final station in Božkov, the venue of the festival.

Walk dissolving our objects can be found also here

Kolomazná pec (Grease furnace)

Kolomazná pec (Grease furnace) Kolomazná pec (Grease furnace)

Trip to Pilsen's surroundings, which doesn't cost anything except ticket for public transport. Let's go to the terminal station of tram no.1 (station Bolevec). From there continue by main road (Plaská) out of Pilsen, in direction to Most. Pass Třemošenský rybník (Třemošenský pond), next to the Kamenný rybník by marked path to Kolomazná pec - the only building of its kind in Czech Republic. Furnaces like this was used to prepare products from dry destilation of resin wood or resin

Results of this process was tar, turpentine, colophony, cooper and cobber resin and as waste product charcoal. Pile woods on the north of Pilsen was a good source for these, ingredients demanding, products and building location was then chosen distinctively. Magical meander path along forest, which is called „prales“ (primeval forest), will impress your feelings.

More informations: http://www.hrady.cz/index.php?OID=1522 Translated by Google

Historical Subterranean Pilsen / St. Bartholomew tower

 St. Bartholomew tower Historical Subterranean Pilsen

In another invite, we'll visit historical centre of Pilsen, which offers without doubt many interests, nice little pubs included. From pubs, we can definitely recommend you Na Parkanu (http://www.naparkanu.com/en/na-parkanu).

Towards history of Pilsen belongs also historical subterranean, which will satisfy all seekers of unusual town faces. In sightseeing tour, you'll familiarise with subterranean's origin, examine mysterious recesses and look into everyday's life of town's medieval population. More detailed informations about historical subterranean can be found on its homepage (http://www.plzenskepodzemi.cz/en/).

To invite you to the church sounds little cheerfully, nevertheless invite you to church's tower we dare. Reason for that is, that from gallery of highest church tower in Czech Republic (102,6m; gallery at 62m) you can see whole Pilsen's panorama. St. Bartholomew Cathedral can be found on Náměstí Republiky (Square of the Republic) in the heart of historical Pilsen.


Outlook Koterovská – On the Horizon

Outlook Koterovská – On the Horizon Outlook Koterovská – On the Horizon

Not far from the venue of Phantoms of Pilsen is a place definitely worth of your walk. If you came to Božkov in early Saturday afternoon, before the start of Saturday's program, definitely consider those few steps up the hill above Božkov. Above the steep slope on the southeast side of the city, on the road between Koterov and Božkov, is an observation platform, which offers one of the best views of the city of Pilsen. The horizon there is only subtly corrupted by the view of remote concrete monsters of a bygone age. But mostly you see the city from its nicer side. The look becomes even nicer in good evening light, at sunset, or at night, when the city glows by the yellow light of the street lamps and windows flash by the light and hands of those who are afraid of the dark. The play of light smog as impressive as it can be. On a clear afternoon you can see the point where the hang-gliders are taking off from above the trough of Úslava river. This spot offers a seating area for enjoying the rewards in the form of a cigarette or a bottled Urquell. Remember to use the trash cans when your visit is over.

Map of the way from Božkov to the observation platform: http://mapy.cz/s/4Tiy

Canteens U Koně and U Strejců

Lord Morbivod Canteen U Koně

With this tip we look at the real face of the Czech Republic. And if you like it greasy, thick and fat, you will be more than thrilled. Even more impressive are the following words, when we reveal that it comes directly from the mouth of an expert, Pilsner patriot and representative of the true underground Lord Morbivod of TROLLECH, STÍNY PLAMENŮ and UMBRTKA.

"On Friday on your way to Plzeň-Božkov definitely visit the iconic public canteen U Koně where they serve cooperative chow, black sausage meat with cabbage, sirloin, Hungarian goulash, and many other dishes typical for mass cuisine. This corresponds to both food quality and attitude of the women behind the counter and almost certainly you will get something for free. On Saturday, it offers you to visit the nearby canteen U Strejců, where they have a similar choice, but considerably more humane manner." Lord Morbivod

Let us add that these businesses opening times are as follows:

U Koně: MON-FRI 9-16 and on SAT, SUN closed
Částkova 2107/8
326 00  Plzeň-Východní Předměstí

Map from Božkov: http://mapys.google.com/maps?saddr...

U Strejců: MON-FRI 9-16 and on SAT, SUN 10-15

Nám. Generála Píky 11
326 00 Plzeň

Map from Božkov: http://mapys.google.com/maps?saddr...

Terrarium - Akva Tera Pilsen

Terarium Terarium

With last tip for a trip, we will get back to the center of of Pilsen again. Given the predilection of many of you in various hideous vermin, could, at least for part of the visitors, this be a very pleasant time for a few bucks. In Palacký Street near the Republic Square you can find a small branch of Pilsens ZOO bearing the name Akva Tera. Permanent exhibition offers to visitors a variety of terrariums exotic creatures that can certainly inspire many of the metal bands in creating devilish covers and song titles for their albums. In addition to snakes, lizards, dragons and various other fancies you can also see different animals feeding demonstrations and presentations of the most interesting creatures directly assisted by skilled attendants. Terrarium is to be found in Palacky Street No. 5, right behind the Pilsens synagogue (btw. second largest synagogue in Europe and the third largest in the world). More info to be found on the official website.

http://www.zooplzen.cz/akva-tera/informace-o-akva-tera/ Translated by Google
Map: http://mapy.cz/s/5app