News - Phantoms of Pilsen (20.-22. 10. 2016)


01.04.2017 - Břitva award nomination

Phantoms of Pilsen was nominated at Břitva 2016 Czech awards in "Concert & Festival of the Year" category. It's the ninth time in its ten-year history! The closest to winners' podium we were in 2013, where we were on the 4th place. The best year (from our point of view) was 2015, where we ended on 39th place. Let's see, what post-mortem place we will get this time...

Phantom's Crew 2017

25.10.2016 - After festival evaluation

The tenth anniversary Phantoms edition is over and before we say thanks you to all those who participated on the festival, let´s admit, this was the most complicated year for all of us. Ordinary visitor could hardly notice, but trust that everybody involved in the organization of the festival touched the bottom of his/her powers.

First of all we must say big THANKS to everybody who helped out in any possible way – the whole Phantom´s Crew of whose all are volunteers working with no claim to reward, some of those were working for long hours, days, weeks or even months to make this happen – the girls at the outside beer stand, the entrance and wardrobe crew, the guys at the doors to the backstage who were hiding that any of you who still want to make troubles would not be successful. We thank to all the supporters who invested not really a small amount of money to just make all this possible – Martina, Oskar, Martin – you know who you are. We must express our admiration to all the guys from XXL System for the perfect sounds and to the whole team for hard work. Also our stage crew deserves big admiration for keeping it running on time and for moving heavy stuff from place to place. We stand in awe in front of the venue owner and his co-workers – he had to be literally digging in shits, because some of the ladies probably throw pieces of their own clothing, so the toilets were repeatedly choked. Use your brain after you relieve yourself please!! Thanks to all the drivers who were bringing the bands from the airport, the hotel or elsewhere. The staff of the Hotel Roudná must be also of great patience while some of the artists probably think they belong to a higher caste. But we would be unfair claiming that all of them were like this – luckily we met some of the bands, which can be considered great personalities with everything that belongs to it. That´s the cooperation we appreciate the most.

You might have noticed some other visible complications, which made it all much harder for us – the reconstructions in front of the venue, the unexpected fountain which almost stopped the whole festival, when the waterworks wanted to stop the water in the whole district… But all these are challenges which we like to accept and smooth run then is a real reward.

Although we appeal to the visitors every year to behave themselves, we understand there must be at least one asshole, who will not satisfy our wishes… it is sad that thanks to these people organizing an event might be really pain in the ass. It is sad taking these people out of the hall or trying to give them a good talking. We are not happy bossing people around but there must be some basic rules when people are gathering in such a number.

In the other hand there are the impertinent members of bands, who know all the rules and agreements in advance and they still cannot behave on stage or off stage, or they are not ok with the maximum which we can provide them with and which is (according to us) very rare or substandard on similar events or it is available only to few chosen ones. Then we experience unpaid bills for minibar at the hotel, breakfasts over the frame of our agreement or just simple stupid requests. These people can hardly imagine how does it feel to work for somebody with no claim for reward. Then it is the most pleasant meeting truly honest and modest persons who can also say thank you in such an environment. It is nice to meet people, not idiots. Luckily we still meet lots of them and we are very happy for this. Anyway our occasional disillusionment here or there should not affect your feelings from the live performances and we think it really didn´t happen. So we really thank to all of the bands for great performances!

As you might see, behind the event there are months of work of many people and true dedication, because without dedication there could not be this kind of events. Unfortunately the festival also bears its costs and if we wanna do it on this level, it is necessary to do the budget really tight what brings along a big risk as well. The services we need to pay for to make it happen will hardly go cheaper, bands are asking more and more every year so until the last moment we are not sure if we can cover it all and it would work out in the end. And let´s be honest: it didn´t work out well this year. We are sorry we didn´t see our regular visitors, and we can be only sad that many of those who live nearby just don´t give a shit. Simply: there were not enough of you this year and it happened in that extend that it is unbearable and we cannot go on with the festival in coming years. It is a sad fact. We don´t wanna blame the others and scream our lungs out… We just made few mistakes which proved to be crucial. We don´t wanna step aside from the marked path but our ideas about the festival must be met at least a bit with the taste of the visitors at least to that extend so we could cover the expenses. Nobody wants to make it profitable and we could hardly make it with this kind of festival, but it is unbearable to fund the festival from our own to such an extent. We are very sorry but most probably we won´t be able to do the festival in 2017. We don´t wanna let the event die though, we would like to be back, but seems we need a break. Even the Czech government wants to make it a bit more complicated in the coming years for small events and we only know we can expect much worse conditions…

This kind of a long comment was written just to make you understand how difficult it is to organize even a small event and how could it feel when it doesn´t work financially. We are no leaving devastated – it is life. Still we are happy for the great atmosphere you created and even with all the complications it was worthy!!

Thanks for those 10 years!! It was a pleasure!!

METAL666 – Phantom´s Crew


Last few informations before we start:

  1. The Warm-Up venue address is different than last year, we changed the location to Club Pod Lampou (see the venue section).
  2. The two-days ticket is not valid for the Warm-Up, you will be provided with discount though if presenting the two-days ticket at the Warm-Up entrance!
  3. Main festival venue is as you know it – Plzeň - Božkov, Pod Kopcem.
  4. There are some reconstructions of the road in the Božkov district, right in front of the venue. There will be no chance to park your car in front of the venue, so please leave your car somewhere before passing the bridge from the city center. There are lights from three different sides in front of the venue and the traffic is very complicated over there!! Do not block the road!!
  5. Due to mentioned reconstructions we kindly ask you not to stay in front of the venue. Use the backyard of the venue where you can also find our beer stand with fabulous Phantom Chariot beer, new IPA special Phantom Blaster and more.
  6. There will be two mobile toilets in front of the venue. We hope they will serve for good when the inside toilets are too busy.
  7. WE STILL HAVE ENOUGH TICKETS TO BE SOLD AT THE VENUE!! So come on, show up so it's not the last time we meet in Pilsen!!
  8. On the link below you can download an easy Android app with running orders and info about the bands. Thanks to FestiPal! (here)

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Pilsen!!
PoP Crew

04.10.2016 - T-Shirt design revealed!

Official festival T-Shirts will be available on Friday and Saturday at the main venue in different man and girlie sizes!! Girlies will have the same backprint as t-shirts for men this time!! You can check it in Merch section.

21.9.2016 - INFO/INFO/INFO - time schedule - one day tickets

We have released the one-day tickets into pre-sale. Tickets are only available via Ticket Art ticketing service in limited number of 50 pieces each day. If there are tickets left, we will also make these available at the venue. We will inform about the availability of tickets at the venue shortly before the festival takes place.

In "Running order" section you'll find time schedule.

The Warm-Up takes place in a different club than last year!


Like the previous years we have arranged the tickets orders can be set via the Northern Lights Festival / Austria. You can set you orders by sending a message to the festival profile on Facebook Facebook here or better by using this e-mail:

The Tickets will be sent to you for local shipping!!


Hey... Back home from the festival weekend? Ok we've got some news for you. As Temple Of Baal again canceled their appearance at Phantoms of Pilsen - 10th Anniversary (for the second time and for the last time!), we had to quickly search for a replacement and we decided to stay underground. Thus we bring you Malokarpatan from Slovakia!! If you have not heard of them, make sure to check them out!! Their debut album "Stridžie dni" is worth your attention!

We are also working on the pre-sale for Austria as every year. So soon you should be ready to order your tickets for local shipping.

As autumn is coming closer, we will keep you updated with news about the preparations and stuff!!

10.8.2016 - Ticket pre-sale update

The pre-sale has been launched also in the shop in Pilsen. So if you had any trip around, you can stop by and pick up your ticket here.

Adress: Kollárova 24, Pilsen OR Dominikánská 3, Pilsen. Both shops are situated in the city center!!

29.6.2016 - Ticket pre-sale update

From now on the tickets for Phantoms of Pilsen are also available via the ticketing service Ticket Art Praha, s.r.o.. By following the link you can see the list of pre-sale spots. You can also use the mailorder like via our webpage in the section tickets.

You can also check accommodation booking servers at accomodation section.

11.4.2016 - Regular pre-sale

Regular pre-sale started today. Please check tickets section.

10.4.2016 - Last two additions for PoP - 10th Anniversary!!

Winterheart from Hungary and above all the Czech pioneers of black metal, living legend of the PURE Pilsen´s underground, that was here already in the early ninetees while most of us were still watching Cartoon Network! Now they are back and thus you should not miss the WARM-UP, where you can make your acquaintance with mighty SORATH!!!


The limited edition tickets has been SOLD OUT!! Thanks a lot, that was pretty fast!!

Regular pre-sale will follow soon!

Thanks for this huge support!

28.3.2016 - Limited edition tickets pre-sale launched

We have just launched the pre-sale of limited edition tickets. These tickets will be only available via this website (payment options Pay Pal – see the form in the tickets section, or bank transfer after sending the order to Tickets are limited by 50 pieces. Regular pre-sale will be launched shortly after this edition is sold out, but even this edition will be limited to certain number which will be 250 pieces. Another tickets will be available at the venue or if the interest is big enough for the „at the venue price“ with in advance payment option. One-day tickets are not available at the moment.

Tickets prices are set up as follows (the prices are slightly higher compared to last year, but please note we are subordinate to the market prices and also we are trying to improve the festival line-up every year as well as services to our visitors ;-)):

Limited edition: 32 EUR

Regular pre-sale: 39 EUR

At the venue: 45 EUR


Due to the holidays, we have decided to postpone the start of the pre-sale to next Tuesday. But here we come with something better... The line-up is almost completed!

MORTIIS and PANYCHIDA to contaminate the festival line-up and we are very happy making this announcement! Burn with us!


Next bands has to be added to Phantoms of Pilsen vol.10: PENTACLE, SEDNA, SILVA NIGRA, TRANSILVANIA, THE TOWER! Limited edition tickets will be available in 10 days, on 25th March!


Two new bands have been added to 10th anniversary line-up: LVCIFYRE and TEMPLE OF BAAL. We are also working on the pre-sale of the first discounted edition of tickets. Stay tuned, so you don't miss the chance to buy the cheapest tickets!


Caronte from Italy and Sulphur from Norway are another two additions to Phantoms of Pilsen 10th anniversary!!


How could we do it without them, when it comes to 10th anniversary???! Vulture Industries! It started with them, so it must be celebrated with them!!... And we are very happy DOOMED accepted our offer to play at the Thursday Warm-Up! Both very unique bands!!!


Another batch of bands for 10th Phantoms of Pilsen edition! IXXI, Albez Duz, Krater and Mosaic!

15.12.2015 - FIRST BANDS...

First bands for 10th Phantoms of Pilsen were confirmed! They are NECROPHOBIC, Sacred Steel, Fides Inversa, Kult!