Location - Phantoms of Pilsen (20.-22. 10. 2016)


Pod Kopcem
Pod Kopcem

Warm-up Party address:

Divadlo pod lampou
Havířská 933/11
301 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic

GPS: 49.7386425N, 13.3695986E

Main venue address:

hall of Pod Kopcem pub
Božkovské náměstí 18
326 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic

GPS: 49.7324928N, 13.4237250E

Map of parking possibilities: here

Map - highway, direction from Prague: here
Map - highway, direction from Rozvadov: here
Map - trolleybus no.12 from railway station: here
Map - trolleybus no.12 from bus station: here

If you want to use public transport service (trolleybus no.12), you can buy tickets at any newsagent or directly from bus driver (in that case ticket cost 30 CZK - we recommend you to have exact amount of money for that, because bus driver is not liable to change it).

Even this year we will welcome our visitors in the pub and adjacent concert hall in Pilsen – Božkov, Pod Kopcem. The production will take place in the concert hall for cca 400 people. Let's hope the autumn weather will be pleasant to us all. Part of the adjacent pub will be closed and will serve as a backstage for the bands. We kindly ask you to respect the 'no entry' rule to this area. Drinks and food will be available for the visitors in the first part of this pub. You can also visit Phantom Bar in the garden (and we kindly recommend that :) ), where you can get also more food, but mainly a beer specially brewed by Radouš brewery for Phantom of Pilsen festival - Phantom Chariot! In the concert hall you will find a bar that will be open during the whole fest. For a small charge you can leave your stuff in the cloakroom that will be open on Friday as well as on Saturday. Please pick up your stuff each day when the production is over. If you had any questions, please contact someone from the organization team. Also we kindly ask you to respect the simple rules, which we publish further below and which will be printed on each of the festival card that you will receive at the entrance when getting in. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Pilsen :)

  1. Please act with respect to the other visitors and to the environment.
  2. Do not enter the stage, stage diving is strictly forbidden – this is not a Lamb Of God gig ;)
  3. Smoking in the concert hall is forbidden and we ask you to respect this fact. The hall is not air conditioned.
  4. Please avoid of making extreme noise in front of the club/pub and if possible do not leave a mess.
  5. Leaving your car along the main road and on the village square you risk penalty from the Police. Areas in front of the houses are in private property. Please respect that and leave your car in the streets in accordance with the regular rules. (see map here)
  6. Respect the instructions of the organizers in red Phantoms T-Shirts. If you had any questions, ask these guys.
  7. In the case of breaking these simple rules, you risk you will be banished from the venue without the claim for refund.
  8. For some tips for visit when expecting the Saturdays program, please visit section "Pilsen" at this website. You can find some nice recommendations there.
  9. Leave us a message in the guestbook at the desk of the cloakroom!
  10. Have nice two days in Pilsen ;)